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Spice Girls UK Collection DVD

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This dvd contains many performances & videos from 1997 & 1998.
The footage was taken from U.K. programs. The footage has aged
& the video is lower in quality. But it's still nice to watch & the audio is very good.

Please visit this link to see sample photos of the DVD - 

1. 1997 Brit Awards - Wannabe / Who Do You Think You Are? medley & winning 2 awards

2. Top of the Pops - Mama

3. Noel Show - Comedy skit, Who Do You Think You Are? & Wannabe

4. MTV UK - Sugar Lumps comedy skit & Who Do You Think You Are music video w/ the Sugar Lumps

5. Girl Power - Clip of people commenting on the Spice Girls impact on music

6. Comic Relief 1997 - Mama, comedy skit & Who Do You Think You Are? w/ the Sugar Lumps

7. UK Talk Show - Interview & 2 Become 1 ( interview is missing a bit of the beginning )

8. Top of the Pops - Say You'll Be There

9. Top of the Pops - Say You'll Be There

10. Top of the Pops - Wannabe

11. Top of the Pops - Say You'll Be There

12. Top of the Pops - 2 Become 1

13. Say You'll Be There music video

14. Who Do You Think You Are? music video

15. Mama music video

16. Emma Bunton Special - 10 minute special, where Emma talks about her life & being a Spice Girl

17. Top of the Pops - Who Do You Think You Are?

18. UK AM 1998 - Interview with Emma


The dvd will come in a paper dvd sleeve, with cover art insert. Have A Blessed Day!

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